Several residents of the Mohawk Valley were among the thirty-thousand plus runners in Monday's Boston Marathon.  This year's winner was from Kenya, and completed the 26.2 mile run in just over two hours and nine minutes.

We checked out the rankings for the top 15,000 finishers, and found 22-year-old Stephen Paddock of Ilion as the Mohawk Valley's best finisher.  According to the organizing body, the Boston Athletic Association site, Paddock completed the course in two hours, fifty-seven-minutes and thirteen-seconds.  His finishing rank was 1100.

Here's how other runners from our area finished in the 2017 Boston Marathon:

Nicholas Jeror, age 27 of Rome.   Finished in 2:28:36, ranking 1258.

Matthew Lacey, age 32 of Clinton.  Finished in 3:01:59, ranking 1654.

Aaron Carey, age 41 of Rome.  Finished in 3:07:49, ranking 2427.

John Geesler, age 58 of St. Johnsville.  Finished in 3:27:36, ranking 6407.

Michael Abdullah, age 56 of Mohawk.  Finished in 3:31:03, ranking 7286.

Daniel Pierson, age 48 of Oriskany.  Finished in 3:31:28, ranking 7403

Jamie Weber, age 38 of Utica.  Finished in 3:49:16, ranking 12,528.   Jamie ranked 4168 among female runners.


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