Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Morning Mindbenders for the week of 1/30/17.

Monday 1/30:  Survey says...this one thing in your house gets used more than any other item you have.  A:  TV remote

Tuesday 1/31:  According to a survey...when it comes to things that husbands in the U.S. don't know bout their wives, this turns out to be the number one thing they don't know.   A:  Shoe size

Wednesday 2/1:  Lighters area the 2nd most borrowed item in America.  What, by far, are the most borrowed things?   A:  Pens

Thursday 2/2:  It may not be common here in the U.S., but throughout the world humans will consume about 2 billion of these today.   A:  Insects

Friday 2/3:   Nearly 40 million Americans have one of these, and on average it costs them about $800 a year.   A:  A cat

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