Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Mindbenders for the week of 3/13/17:

Monday 3/13:   When this popular was first weighed two-and-a-half pounds and cost just under $4,000.   A:  Cell Phone

Tuesday 3/14:  3-out-of-4 people over the age of 45 keep one of these around.  But, only 1-in-4 of those under 45 hang on to this item.   A:  Phone book

Wednesday 3/15:  The average girl learns how to do this task at home by age 16.  The average guy won't do it until he's 25.   A:  Iron clothes

Thursday 3/16: These are very common in children's bedrooms, but one in three adults admit to keeping at least one in their bedroom.   A: A stuffed animal

Friday 3/17:  It's estimated that nearly 70 million Americans will have this in common today when they go to work.   A:  They will wear something green


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