Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Morning Mindbenders for the week of 3/20/17.

Monday 3/20:   Of all the households in the U.S. that have one of these, over half of them don't have one that works.   A:  Flashlight

Tuesday 3/21:  You can't buy just one, so it's estimated that nearly 16 billion of these will be purchased here in the U.S. between now and the middle of April.  A:  Jelly beans

Wednesday 3/22:  One company has sold over 4 million of these every day since the 1950's.  The product hasn't changed much and you've probably used them in school, at work and at home.   A:  Bic pens

Thursday 3/23: Right now, over 600,000 Americans are doing this as they drive. What are they doing?     A: Talking on their cell phone

Friday 3/24: Survey says, the odds are if you have this daily habit (like most of us do), you began doing it before the age of 18.     A: Drinking coffee

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