Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Mindbenders for the week of 2/20/17.

Monday 2/20:  No question

Tuesday 2/21:  For the first time in many decades, sales of these for adults outnumber those that are purchased for kids.   A:  Bicycles

Wednesday 2/22:   The average woman will use over 430 pairs of these during her lifetime while a man will use less than 200.   A:  Pairs of shoes

Thursday 2/23:  According to the Association of Home Builders, over half of all new custom homes built this year in the U.S. will have 2 of these:  A:  Master bedrooms

Friday 2/24:  The use of these at wedding receptions has more than tripled in the past 5 years.   A:  Photo booths

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