Naomi Lynn spent her weekend experiencing a new place in New York, and conquering one of her biggest fears.

Naomi considers herself a decent thrill-seeker. She's not "up for anything" (sky-diving is still a big 'maybe' on her list), but she does like her coasters and things like that. Even though she can handle some of the biggest coasters and thrill-rides, there is one thing she can't handle - Something that is so common, you'll find it at pretty much any fair or amusement park in the country.

Naomi Lynn has had a fear of Ferris Wheels.

Seems kind of silly for someone who can handle going on a coaster more than 400-feet-tall, right? Well, here's her reasoning behind it,

On a lot of your bigger coasters, you're moving fast. It may take you up 300 or 400 feet up, but you're not slowly climbing. A Ferris Wheel is traveling pretty slow - It gives you time to see how high you are. And I'm scared of heights, so it makes me really nervous.

While taking a trip to Darien Lake over the weekend, Naomi Lynn thought it was time to face this fear (okay, maybe she made a deal with someone that required her to ride, but still at least she did it).

Naomi Lynn/TSM

She admits she was pretty nervous just getting into the cart.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

"It wasn't too bad once the Ferris Wheel started moving, but it still wasn't a relaxed, fun ride."

Naomi Lynn/TSM

"The worst part is when it stopped to let people off the ride. We were stopped almost at the top! I didn't like that."

Naomi Lynn/TSM

So what's the verdict?

Although I'm glad I faced a fear of mine, it wasn't something that I liked enough to do it again. I mean, if my friends or family are going to ride the Ferris Wheel, I might go with them, but I'm not going to go out of my way to ride one.

Next weekend, Naomi Lynn will be heading to Enchanted Forest Water Safari to do another first - She has never been on water slides (she doesn't have a fear of them, she just never had gotten the chance to experience them).

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