We've tried a few things over the years--archery, auctioneering, walking into the New Hartford KFC while dressed up like Colonel Harlan Sanders and a prize chicken. Now, it's time to kick it up a notch.

Starting soon you'll get a front row seat as we flounder, prevail, fail, learn, enrich and embarrass ourselves. We're launching a brand new video feature called Beth & Dave Try.

We think we may have no limits when it comes to things we'll try, but we may have to draw the line when it comes to something like skydiving.

We'll need YOUR help to help us along the way with suggestions.

Your ideas are welcome when it comes to activities, jobs, foods, skills, sports, etc.--anything and everything you'd like to see us try. Maybe it's a hobby you enjoy. Maybe it's your job you find challenging and you'd like to see us take a shot.

We'll be shooting video, gathering audio, and taking snapshots to record these episodes for posterity.

In the months ahead, you'll see and hear the humiliating, humbling, exhilarating, triumphant and hilarious highlights of our endeavors on the new redesigned Lite 98.7 website and the Beth & Dave morning show.

No matter what the outcome, you'll hopefully come away saying, well...Beth & Dave Try.


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