The Best of Beth & Dave for the Week of July 9, 2018 covered sacred marital ground, new words, the latest in post-mortem tributes, another amazing moron, and tears...lots of tears.

But, there's no crying in morning radio, especially here in Central New York, where we are tough. In order to listen to a brief montage of our highlights from the week, just click the video. And/or you can just follow along to a blow-by-blow description of our top five segments from earlier this week right here:

Padiddle. I needed a phone caller to help explain the word to Beth, who had never heard of it.

Tattoo preservation. It's a real thing. And it helps you remember your loved ones fondly after they pass away. Beth is grossed out.

Our married life. On display again. One listener called in to ask us a personal question and we responded.

The difference between drunk and wasted. It became patently clear in another amusing episode of our daily 8:15 feature, Your Momma Must Be So Proud.

What makes us cry. I got all emotional over the release of a new song by the late Tom Petty and it triggered all sorts of odd things that make us cry. (Here's a video of "Keep a Little Soul.") Do you like it? Does it make you cry?


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