The Phoenix Lights are one of the best known incidents in ufology.  The lights were documented in the late 1990s.  Tens of thousands of Arizona residents reported seeing organized bands of lights in the sky.  The former governor of the state, Fife Symington believed them to be alien.  It appears the lights are back.

A video appeared on YouTube on January 1, 2013 of new lights.  The images on the video appear to match closely with previous Phoenix Light videos. The poster on YouTube describes the experience:

These appeared shortly after midnight on new years. As you can hear me saying in the video, I was unsure of what they were. The first 2 minutes were actually shot with the camera pointed vertical, and I didn't correct for the rotation. So the lights you see on the right side of the screen are actually the highest objects in the sky. The objects seem to be flickering in and out, but there are trees on the street in front of my apartment so that caused them to come in and out of view.

If anyone has an explanation as to what these are, please post.

Below is the video posted on 1-1-13: