We've all heard the stories of someone getting in trouble at work or losing their job because of something they posted online. Your posts could leave you in trouble with the law, as well.

We're not talking about the stupid criminals who post selfies after committing a crime, or who brag about what illegal things they have been doing. This is something that most people probably didn't know could get them in trouble. Realize whatever you post on Facebook or social media will always lead back to you - It may end up becoming evidence against you.

If you post vulgar statements about a person on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets, you could get charged with "unlawful posting of a message." That charge is a felony.

Obviously, the person you posted those things about would have to bring it up to police and see if there is a case against it, but it still puts you in a bad situation (and people have been arrested for it before).

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Not only that, but posting anything personal that may not seem like a big deal, may come back later to haunt you. Even if it's something about yourself. Had a fight with your boyfriend or husband? Spewing details about the fight will make you look like a loose cannon - Future employers may see that as someone who can't handle stress and disagreement in a professional way.

And we all know about the party pictures. There is a very fine line when it comes to posting pictures of alcohol on Facebook. Yes, if you're 21 it's legal, but if there are pictures of you completely smashed - No matter where you work, that doesn't look good. Those in charge may think that reflects badly on the company.

The best advice for posting on social media is just to remember whatever you type is there forever. There is a paper-trail that leads right back to you. Don't post anything you wouldn't want someone to see, even if it's 10 or 20 years from now. And never, NEVER post on Facebook when you're angry or upset. It won't end well. Even if you delete the post or comments, it may be too late (especially if someone takes a screenshot of it).



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