You have to be a little weird to work in radio. That being said, some of us are a little more weird than others, especially when it comes to what we're afraid of. Here are just a few things Utica DJs are afraid of.

Everyone is afraid of something - whether it's a normal fear like dying or car accidents, to some really bizarre fears like... well being afraid of cardboard. After I refused to try on a T-shirt because it had buttons on it (which completely freaks me out), I got to thinking, What are some weird things that people I work with, are afraid of?

I decided to ask others around the office what they were afraid of. Again, there were some normal responses (things that a lot of people are afraid of), but there were a few things that I found absolutely hilarious (I mean, how could someone be afraid of that?!)

Check it out for yourself. Here are a few things DJs in Utica are afraid of!

Funny, right?! Crazy too, I know. What fear do you think was the most understandable? What about the most bizarre one?



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