The first full week of March 2018 and the Lite 98.7 morning show was pining for spring, but still dealing with lots of snow in Central New York. We tried to keep our minds occupied on other thoughts.

Some of those thoughts focused on snoring, cologne bombs, and words like "wig," "embiggened," and "mathicals." Click the video above to HEAR the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of March 5, 2018:

1. Snoring. Beth says it’s charming when the dogs do it, not so much when I do.

2. Running over yourself. That was only PART of the problem for some dude in New Jersey. Just so happens, I know how he feels.

3. Embiggened. Now an official word, thanks to an episode of The Simpsons. Now, we want one of OUR words in the dictionary.

4. Wig. A word that came up in a clip of Katy Perry from the new re-booted American Idol. Beth thinks millennials stole from earlier generations.

5. Cologne bomb. Another idiot in Your Mama Must Be So Proud.


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