The Lite 98.7 morning show didn't see its shadow and didn't get the Super Bowl outcomes it was looking for, but we DID learn more about our basic natures (or at least ONE of us did), conjure some fantastic memories, and had some great fun with some notable criminals.

Our benchmark segments scored well this past week and we started getting some positive returns on our new music feature called The Missing Link. Click the video for a montage of audio highlights and/or follow the description below for our top five bits in The Best of Beth & Dave for the week of February 4, 2019.

-Cheerleading. Thanks to the competitive success of the girls from Poland Central School, we each recalled our own poignant cheerleading moment.

-Animals. Beth's patience for treating ALL creatures great and small with dignity and respect was put to the acid test.

-Super Powers. Thanks to a guy we know who can bake amazing cakes, I now have to find a a special "super power" or face banishment.

-Scooter Beatdown. In one day's edition of Your Momma Must Be So Proud, a couple from Texas used their creativity and fended off some robbers with an odd item.

-Your Momma 2. When your political opponent grabs you by the genitals and LICKS your face, you need to step up your game...or change your game.

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