Are you concerned that you’ll never get married? Want to know the signs that marriage may be in your future?

From Marie Claire's "Year of Living Flirtatiously" blog, here are some real statistics that (supposedly) to help predict whether you're going to get hitched or not:

  • As a woman in the U.S., your chances of getting married before age 40 are 86 percent (for men, it's 81 percent).
  • If you have a high IQ, you're 29 percent more likely to wed than someone with a low IQ.
  • If you're divorced, there's a 75 percent chance you'll get remarried.
  • Women who weren't overweight as teens are 20 percent more likely to get married than women who WERE overweight in their teen years.
  • Women who lived with both biological parents at age 14 are 12 percent more likely to marry than those who didn't.
  • If you're a college grad, you're 9 percent to 14 percent more likely to get likely to get married than someone who didn't finish high school.
  • If you're living with a partner for the first time, there's a 65 percent chance you'll be married within 5 years.
  • Single women in the military are 200 percent more likely to wed than civilian women.