Welcome to Bad-Smelling Sneakers Anonymous here in Central New York. My name is Dave, and my shoes smell really bad. This is not debatable. I have a poor sense of smell and even I agree with Beth. My shoes smell bad.

The smell has invaded the office we share at the radio station. That's because, in the winter, I keep a pair of sneakers under my desk and change into them every day when I get to work and take off my boots.

So, we sought some solutions for my problem and received lots of suggestions from all of you calling into our morning show. We took two of the better ideas and turned them into a segment of Beth & Dave Try.

Our apologies for roping our co-worker Dave Wheeler into this mess as a guest sniffer. Watch the video below and note the change in Dave's hair between the Before and After.

If you have any different remedies for smelly sneakers or other ideas for Beth & Dave Try, please write to Beth@Lite987.com.


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