If you have picked up any beverages made and packaged by the Stewart's Shops plant - You may want to check the date and product to see if it's a part of this recall.

Stewart's Shops are recalling their "Sportade Fruit Punch Isotonic Beverage," - in the 20 oz. bottles. This product may contain undeclared milk - which could cause a serious allergic reaction to someone who has a milk allergy. According to the Stewart's Shops website,

The Sportade Fruit Punch is packaged in a 20 oz. plastic bottle, UPC 0 82086 31006 8, and has a black label with a red plastic cap. Affected units have an expiration code date of DEC 02 which can be found on the neck of the bottle. All other expiration code dates of Sportade Fruit Punch are not affected by this recall.

As of Wednesday (October 26th), nearly 50% of the recalled products have found and turned back in. If you have purchased Stewart's Sportade Fruit Punch Isotonic Beverage in the 20 oz. bottle, you can return them to any local Stewart's Shops for a full return.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Stewart's Consumer Affairs Department - Monday through Friday between 8am and 4:30pm at (518) 581-1200 ext. 2130



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