Not only do we have to worry about what to get our sweetie on Valentine's Day, we have to think about whether it's appropriate for how long we've been a couple. Here are Cosmo's ideas for gifts for different stages of couple-dom:

Less than 3 months: If you've just started dating, keep it casual. Spend less than $25 on something simple, like a DVD or a book. Or, cook him dinner or bake cookies.

  • 3-6 months: You're still getting to know each other. Find something creative that totally fits your partner's tastes -- like sports memorabilia or a cool selection of microbrewed beer.
  • 7-12 months. Things are getting serious now. A good gift at this stage is something you can do together, like tickets to a concert or sports event. Or plan a surprise date (like ice-skating or a couples' massage).
  • 1-2 years. This is a great time to celebrate your relationship or show how well you know each other. Frame a great photo of the two of you, or remind him of a great time you had together by finding an antique map of the last place you visited together.
  • More than 3 years: Try the gift of a cool new experience. If your guy likes adventure, book an exciting experience like a flying lesson or hang gliding. If he likes to cook, sign him up for cooking classes. Or book a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you.