Taylor Swift may be a great songwriter, but she's not the best driver. She got into two accidents during an interview with Rolling Stone for her coverstory -- and revealed that not only does she worry behind the wheel, but about everything else all of the time, too.

Swift crashed her Toyota SUV into a parked car when she made a wrong turn during her RS interview and completely freaked, repeatedly saying, "Oh my God!" While the damage wasn't bad -- and was actually to her bass player's car -- her reaction was pretty endearing. “I’m gonna pay for it, I promise! I’m good for it! Oh, my God, Amos, I’m so sorry. I freaked out ‘cause I went the wrong way and he was gonna think I’m a bad driver and then I backed into another car. This is the worst interview he’s ever had, already!” she exclaimed. Of course, she still tries to play it down later on: "I cannot believe there was a car behind me. I thought that- because I could only see the security car, and Amos' car was so low and I didn't look in the back camera and I was so sure no once was behind me and..." But who wouldn't?

Later, a Corvette smacked into the side of her car -- this, the writer says, was honestly not her fault at all. "OK, that was my life flashing before my eyes," she says, voice trembling. "What is this day? This is some strange alternate reality where things just go wrong a lot. That was the second time today! I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!"

Swift freaks out a lot, and she did so in two incidents her fans may remember: when Justin Bieber punked her and when Kanye West interrupted her MTV Video Music Awards speech. "You know know I had serious nightmares where I'd wake up in the middle of the night for, like, threw weeks after that?" she said of the Biebs' prank. "I really though that was it for me. I was thinking, 'Justin is 17 so he's going to juvie, but I'm going to big-girl prison."

As for Yeezy, she's still neither amused nor over it. (Sweetie, you won. If the worst thing to ever happen to you is being interrupted at an awards show when you're 19, we know a lot of people who want to trade places with you.) Swift explained that the experience made her "realize nothing is gonna go exactly the way you plan it to," she says. "Just because you make a good plan doesn't mean that's gonna happen."

Swift applies that same mode of thinking to her good-girl image and massive success, which she fears could disappear any moment. "I just gotta take it day by day, " she said of her reputation. "I don't think anyone is ever truly viewed as only one thing, as only good, as only well behaved, as only respectful. In the beginning, when there would be a tiny news story about something that wasn't true, I thought that meant my fans weren't gonna show up to my next concert. But now, knock on wood- I feel like my fans have my back and I have theirs. And she knows she can't always be the good guy. "It's just part of the dynamic of a good story," she said. "Everybody is a complicated character."

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