How can 34 seconds bring you happiness?  Try doing the "Harlem Shake." Originally a dance mix from Brooklyn-based musician Baauer, it's become an overnight internet dance craze.  We've collected some of the best  of the Harlem Shake videos that have gone viral on YouTube. First, here's our version of the Harlem Shake staring our mascots Lite 987's Tookey and Jeremiah from Big Frog 104. [onescreen item="5015988"]

And here are some of the viral Harlem Shakes from around YouTube

Crazy College Kids Harlem Shake


Happy Harlem Shake  Family

Underwater Harlem Shake from University of Georgia Men's Swimming and Diving

Bikini Harlem Shake

Aweseome Yo Yo Harlem Shake


The original song from Baauer is not able to be embedded but you can see it here.