In the 1800s, when boats were the main form of transportation, lighthouses dotted the landscape. These buildings provided a guide for travelers, helping them locate shore, and navigate in poor weather conditions.

Lighthouse keepers had a tough job. Whereas most people hunker down when storms come up, this was the time where their jobs became critical. Bad weather could confuse ships on the lake, and they could potentially run aground.

The spirit of a woman eternally watches out for a ship that will never arrive...

 From 1838 to 1858, Selkirk Lighthouse served this function for the Salmon River/Lake Ontario intersection. While the lighthouse was only operational during the summer months, when shipping was at its peak, lakes, especially the Great Lakes, are no stranger to fierce storms, which can spring up out of nowhere.

Selkirk Lighthouse is reported to be haunted, it is believed by a woman. Whether she is the spirit of a woman eternally watching out for a ship that will never arrive, or the spirit of a young girl who fell down the steep stairs of the lighthouse, there are still signs of a haunting. The lighthouse currently has rooms available to rent, and there have been multiple reports of hearing footsteps and other strange noises.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]

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