You might think the most valuable real estate in Central New York is a huge house, probably on a scenic lake somewhere. You'd be wrong. It's in your bedroom.

Whether you sleep with a partner, or pets, or all of the above - you know that bed real estate is the most valuable real estate ANYWHERE. Add to that the struggle over the blankets, sleep disrupted by someone's snoring (I'm not naming any names but DAVE), and pets dream-running all night long - and you start to get the picture.

The picture above looks like bedroom bliss, doesn't it? Dave happily working away while his loyal dogs slumber and snuggle. What's missing from this picture? Oh, that's right - ME.

Let me break this whole thing down, in case it looks familiar to you:

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

You'll notice that my share of the bed gets a disproportionate share of dog and dog butt. It doesn't change much when the I'm actually in the bed - I'm forced to contort my body into a yoga pose I affectionately call "Please Let Me Sleep Downward Dog" so that I can get a little rest. Dave, on the other hand, has cleverly trained the dogs to avoid his side of the bed at all costs.

Obviously, I should have thought of that first. 

Does your bedroom look anything like this at night? Maybe instead of 150 pounds of dog, you share your bed with 3 feet of unruly toddler. Either way - show us what it looks like at your house!


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