Before they were blockbuster smashes, many movies had entirely different titles.  Check out the working titles of these famous films and see if you prefer the original titles. 

"Pacific Air Flight 121" was the working title for "Snakes on a Plane."

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James Cameron's smash "Avatar" had the working title of "Project 880."  Avatar has a much better ring to it, doesn't it?

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Another mega blockbuster hit for director Cameron was "Titanic."  The original title was "The Ship of Dreams."  Not that the title change hurt him at the box office, because it didn't, but I like the original title better.  Sounds more romantic.

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The Star Wars movies are one the most successful movie franchises ever.  "Return of the Jedi" was called "Revenge of the Jedi."

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The working title for "Pretty Woman" was "$3000."  How boring is that?

Spielberg's "ET' was originally called "A Boy's Life."

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"Black Mask" was the working title for Tarantino's violent flick "Pulp Fiction."

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