Jimmy Fallon is well recognized for his lip sync showdowns with various movie stars and entertainers. He recently went gun slinging with one of Hollywood's Top Guns: Tom Cruise.

Who doesn't remember that classic scene from Top Gun when Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, serenades Charlie, the character played by Kelly McGillis? A couple of nights ago on the "Tonight Show" Jimmy and Tom relived that memorable moment from 1986 by serenading an audience member with a lip synced version of "You've lost that Lovin' Feelin'."

The two also slugged it out toe to toe with other hit songs: Tom's rendition of The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" was a serious contender up against Fallon's version of The Rolling Stones' "Under Cover of the Night." Tom slugged back with a lively lip sync of Meat loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." The duo finally called it a draw as they teamed up and lip synced a duet for a surprised and gushing fan in the front row.

Hat's off to Tom for showing us a little humor! The video's a little long, but it's worth watching every minute. Besides, I wouldn't want you to resort to watching that same old silly cat video on your lunch break!