As we look back on 2011, here is a countdown of the top stories we covered on Lite 98.7 in the last year.

  • Hotel Utica
    Hotel Utica

    Utica-Rome Named one of the Top 10 Saddest Cities in the US.

    At least we're not as depressed as those sorry folks in Ashland, Kentucky, who topped this year's list of saddest metro locations, but we weren't very far behind.

  • flickr user dougtone/Creative Commons
    flickr user dougtone/Creative Commons

    The Haunting of Starr Hill Road

    The first of 4 articles from our CNY Paranormal series to appear on our year-end survey of top stories is this one the explores unexplained happenings in the Starr Hill area near Remsen and Trenton.

  • NBC

    A 'Facts of Life' Reunion

    Mrs. Garret's girls from 'The Facts of Life' reunited for the 2011 TV Land Awards. Dave Wheeler had this scoop.

  • flickr Creative Commons/Russ Nelson
    flickr Creative Commons/Russ Nelson

    Hauntings on the Rails

    The Shadowchasers, our CNY Paranormal experts, explore why transient locations like railway stations are a hotbed of paranormal activity.

  • YouTube

    Saratoga Springs Lip Dub

    The community of Saratoga Springs created a video that went viral earlier this year when they used a medley of songs from the group Train to create a lip dub.

  • Michael D Martin/Flickr Creative Commons
    Michael D Martin/Flickr Creative Commons

    Would You Stay in a Haunted Location?

    This story in our CNY Paranormal series asks the question, if you knew a hotel, house or bed & breakfast was haunted, would that make you more or less likely to spend the night there?

  • flickr user dougtone/Creative Commons
    flickr user dougtone/Creative Commons

    Haunting Along the Erie Canal

    Another article from our popular CNY Paranormal series to make our year-end countdown is this essay on haunting associated with the Erie Canal.

  • Photo by Dave Wheeler/Townsquare Media
    Photo by Dave Wheeler/Townsquare Media

    The 30 Day Facebook Challenge

    Ever notice when everyone on Facebook starts posting similar things or changes their photo to the same theme - you can bet there's another Facebook theme started. Back in February, there was the 30 Day Facebook Photo challenge. Dave Wheeler took a look at what you were supposed to do each day during the challenge.

  • YouTube

    Black Friday Brawl at Wal-Mart

    This video from a Wal-Mart in Michigan was our second most viewed story of the year. We had a near-riot at the Rome Wal-Mart, too bad it wasn't captured on video for posterity like this one.

  • Jemal Countess/Getty Images
    Jemal Countess/Getty Images

    The Top 10 College Degrees that Don't Pay

    In May, Trudy took a look at a survey of the top college degrees that don't pay off. No surprise to us here at the radio station that media/journalism topped the list.

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