On May 22nd each year, National Solitaire Day honors the famous card game, which REALLY exploded in 1990 when Microsoft included Solitaire in Windows 3.0, and the game truly went viral. Online solitaire players outnumber those individuals playing Fortnite.

So, even though the card game has been around for over 200 years, Microsoft is solely responsible for the celebration of solitaire, one of the things folks enjoy to engage in alone. Others endeavors...not so much. We began thinking about things we do NOT enjoy doing by ourselves, so we asked our Facebook Friends to chime in on this topic. Here's what we discovered:

Todd said "ride a tandem bicycle." Tracy said "Play SCRABBLE." We also had a few inappropriate comments.

The top two responses that kept coming up over and over in the comments--going to the movies or eating a meal in a restaurant.

As for us, it came down to this: I've never minded going to see a movie by myself, but I'm not too comfortable going out to dinner or walking into a bar alone. I keep envisioning the old Steve Martin movie The Lonely Guy, where he goes out to dinner by himself and they announce his solo presence to the entire restaurant and shine a spotlight on him as they seat him at his table.

As for Beth, she claims there's nothing she won't do by herself.



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