I'm stoked! A trampoline park is coming to New Hartford!

Soon we'll be burning off calories at Rockin' Jump. The California based trampoline park is bouncing into New Hartford and they'll be serving up huge portions of fun! If you're bored of the treadmill and stair stepper, this may become your new way of getting fit! When's the last time you jumped on a trampoline? It's really fun and I guarantee you'll work up a good sweat too!

Rockin' Jumps mission is:

Our vision is to create the most memorable guest experience in which we offer Fitness and Competition disguised as fun for every family.  Our mission is to make Rockin' Jump the preferred family entertainment choice for our guests by delivering a "Jumpsafe", Clean, Fun exerience through continuous inovation and exceptional value.

According to WKTV:

There are reports of two new additions to the New Hartford eating and fun scene. According to published reports, a Texas Roadhouse restaurant and a Rockin' Jump are coming to Commercial Drive.The locations would be in the area of the Price Chopper Plaza.We have calls into both businesses and also calls in to the Zoning Board in New Hartford to confirm all of this information.

Texas Roadhouse is headed to
New Hartford and they believe in serving up huge plates of food. When I lived in Tennessee I had the distinct privilege of dining at Texas Roadhouse. I use the word "privilege" because once you feast your eyes on the portion sizes, you'll totally understand.

I rarely take leftovers home with me. I usually have no trouble ingesting enormous amounts of food all at once. I ended up bringing leftover ribs, fries, and coleslaw home with me because there's no way I could have polished off all that food in one sitting. My mouth is already watering in anticipatory delight!

Just Jen and I talked about these places this morning!



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