And...we're into September, the final holiday weekend of summer, the Fair, and back to school activities. We covered a lot of ground in a sort of shortened week on the air--due to a relatively tame Labor Day broadcast.

We got into another one of our famous "discussions," this time about a bathroom habit Beth brought up. Our benchmark segments offered ripe fruit and the first day of school for much of Central New York lent itself to a few interesting angles. Click the video to listen to the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of September 3, 2018 and/or follow the description below:

Bathroom choices. Beth claims we have favorite stalls in bathrooms, I say it's ridiculous, and lots of callers chimed in.

Fashion faux pas. A particular no-no for men over 35, to be exact, based on one day's Kinda Hard Question at 7:05.

Useless school lessons. A great segment, with lots of phone calls about teachers who were way off base.

Ghost shooting. Another rousing episode of our 8:15 daily benchmark Your Momma Must Be So Proud, in which a paranormal investigator became the investigated.

Fortnite violence. Even if you have noticed a problem with YOUR teenager, it can't be as bad as the story we covered from Australia.


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