We recently published a list of the top-rated coffee shops in Greater Utica. Now, here's the flip side. The best bars in town.

Let's face it: The most popular brands of booze are pretty much the same in any bar you frequent. And there's a finite number of cocktails you may run into on a regular basis. So, what makes one bar better than the next?

It's gotta be the intangible qualities--the atmosphere, the clientele, the design--that makes a bar unique. Maybe that's what Yelp users had in mind when they rated the best bars in the Utica area. Here are their findings (with links to each bar's Yelp page):

10. The Celtic Harp, 805 Varick Street, Utica. Irish food and atmosphere and trivia night.

9. Green Onion, 2018 Genesee Street, Utica. One Yelp reviewer said it's "a nice place to have a drink without any worry of being shanked."

8. The Stief, 618 Varick Street, Utica. Two different bars. Try the sliders.

7. Mohawk Valley Winery, 706 Varick Street, Utica. Check out the wine tastings.

6. Ocean Blue, 118 Columbia Street, Utica. one Yelp reviewer says it feels like New York City.

5. Chesterfield, 1713 Bleecker Street, Utica. Old school charm.

4. Gerber's 1933 Tavern, 16 Liberty Street, Utica. Restored and beautiful.

3. Joe's, 927 Jay Street, Utica. Great "retro" feel, according to a Yelper.

2. Nail Creek, 720 Varick Street, Utica. Try their own line of beer.

1. The Tailor and the Cook, 94 Genesee Street, Utica. Eat your dinner at the small, hip bar up front.

There. That should trigger a few arguments. Have at it. Additions, subtractions and comments welcome on our Lite 98.7 Facebook page.

And, for some extra fun on Utica bars, click the button below:

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