Maybe your looking to lose some weight, and cut some pounds in time for Christmas. Here's 9 tips from Glamour magazine

  1. Choose Better Carbs -- opt for the bialy instead of the bagel.
  2. Ditch the dried fruit -- have the fresh fruit instead.
  3. Add Protein to Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.
  4. Opt for Egg Whites -- 3 egg whites with grilled veggies can be very filling and yummy!
  5. Skip Soda altogether but if you must have that coke, have a mini can instead. Or once or twice a week!
  6. Watch the sandwich add-ons -- mayo, cheese etc. A protein filled sandwich with mustard can be just as satisfying.
  7. Skip the Specialty coffee drinks -- Avoid all those sugary, syrupy drinks and choose a non-fat latte instead.
  8. Cut your Cocktails with Club Soda -- or try a retro drink like a White Wine Spritzer!
  9. Pack your Snacks -- be prepared for those hunger crashes with fresh fruit or measured out nuts, popcorn etc.