Meet Leah. She's the physician's assistant at the Primary Urgent Care location on East Genesee Street in South Utica.

Yup. It took a trip to the hospital to clear up a recent problem I've been having and put an end to the all-pizza diet I'd been on for about two weeks. Let's go back to the beginning. Beth and I were discussing the all-beer diet adopted by a guy in Ohio. He'd lost 40-something pounds drinking nothing but beer over a month-and-a-half. Beth wagered I could lose 20 pounds in a month by eating pizza. Just pizza.

I was skeptical, but I did it. And, lo and behold, I lost seven pounds in two weeks.

But, I also came up with what felt like a stress fracture along the lower ankle on the inside of my left foot. During the subsequent ER visit, it was determined that I had contracted gout--maybe as the result of my all-pizza diet.

A steroid called prednisone cleared it up in a couple of days.

Now, I'm back to my normal diet. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza I had at various Mohawk Valley eateries. And all the varieties--meatballs, pepperoni, cheese, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower crust, breakfast pie, tomato pie. You name, I ate it.

What's the strangest diet YOU'VE ever tried?

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