This traffic stop could stop traffic.

In a scene that you'd expect to see in a movie, an officer in Seattle helped a woman give birth last weekend after he pulled over her car while her husband was driving to the hospital. The incident was caught on the cop's dash cam (and joins this amazing birth on the short lists of unlikely times for a baby to enter  the world).

Officer Anthony Reynolds stopped Abdul Abdashiek for running a bunch of red lights. Abdashiek quickly opened his door to say his wife, Maly Yusuf, was in labor. After informing Reynolds what was happening, Yusus can be heard shouting, "Oh my god, the baby is coming! The baby is coming out!"

An ambulance was summoned, but not before the couple welcomed a baby girl. Reynolds and Yusuf made sure the baby's airway was cleared as they waited for medical personnel. As police said, "The couple's baby was determined to beat medics to the scene."

The whole family was whisked away to the hospital where everyone is doing well. The new parents were also grateful to Officer Reynolds, writing him a note in which they said, "You have helped deliver a precious gift. We are so grateful."

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