Imagine surprising your significant other with a box for an Apple Watch - they would be pretty psyched, right? Well, that's what happened to this guy - and his reaction is more than perfect.

This husband is expecting an Apple Watch - who would blame him, though? The box looks like the watch. Instead, he finds out he's going to be a father. Inside the box, his wife had put a positive pregnancy test. His reaction?

...Well, let's just say he couldn't have reacted in a better way.



The best part? His wife gave him this surprise on his birthday! Now the big question is: Were those tears of happiness? Or was he upset that he didn't get the Apple Watch (and trying to pretend he wasn't?) - We're hoping for the first!

How would you react? Would you do something like this to your significant other? Have you before? Let us know! Tell us in the 'comment section' below - we would love to hear your opinion!



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