While in the office yesterday I heard “Down Under” from Men At Work and asked the question, what is Vegemite and what does it taste like? I’ve never had it but heard about it. So with that I took a quest to look up other cultures food.


Other countries enjoy eating foods that might be more natural than cheese puffs and Oreo cookies, but are just plain disgusting. Here's a rundown of some gross foods that other cultures love according to EgoTVOnline.com:

  • Durian -South East Asia- It's a fruit the size of a football that smells like dirty socks. It's a rich, creamy, mouthful of sick.
  • Lutefisk - Norway- This is dried, salted cod, soaked in lye for two days. In case you were wondering, lye will cause a chemical burn if it touches your skin. When it touches salted cod, it just makes the cod taste horrible.
  • Escamoles- Mexico - It's basically insect caviar as escamoles are actually the larvae of large black ants.
  • Stink Heads- Alaska- Some people in Alaska eat the heads of King salmon. Didn't they get the memo about being from America, where we have cheese puffs and Oreos?
  • Balut- Vietnam- Why would you eat a duck egg that had a half-formed duck fetus in there, complete with fledgling feathers and beak?

I’m running to the store to buy my Vegemite. I hope it doesn’t taste like Duck fetus or larvae.

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