The creepy clown sightings are popping up all over Central and Upstate New York. Three pranksters have come forward on the sighting in North Tonawanda.

Police received several calls of a creepy clown near Meadow Drive and Erie Boulevard. The boys posted a video on Facebook saying they were just shooting a video intro for YouTube "We did a bad thing. It was just a prank. We're just clowning and we're sorry."

One of the prankster told WKBW they didn't mean to scare anyone. "There was no intention to strike fear in anyone. It was just us mocking them because of how stupid they look as group trying to scare people."

North Tonawanda police released a statement on the clown sighting on their Facebook page.

As for the clown sighting in Halfmoon, New York, a man named Justin came forward to claim responsibility telling Time Warner Cable it was a misunderstanding. "Our neighbors wanted to see what our Halloween costume was. When we came out to show the kids I was a clown, I was joking, having fun, scaring them. They were laughing. The father and mother knew about it; they were laughing. It was funny."

The clown see near K-Mart in Herkimer looks more like an early Halloween costume than a creepy clown trying to scare anyone.

Breonna Nichols

Local police are encouraging anyone who sees a creepy clown to avoid approaching and call 911.

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