There have been several 'creepy clown' sightings and social media threats in New York. While most have turned out to be pranks or a hoax, police advise everyone to still call if they notice anything suspicious. It's better to be safe than sorry. Here's a list of all the 'creepy clowns' reported in upstate and central New York.


4 police reports, no arrests according to WNTY


Numerous calls to police turn into unconfirmed social media rumors. Police update public on Facebook.


Social media threats of clowns appearing at Binghamton High School turned into a hoax and had police releasing a statement saying the Facebook trend is gaining in popularity.

Clifton Park

Clown sighting at apartment complex, police interview clown who turned himself in.


Facebook video of Bubbo The Clown had police releasing a statement saying the reports of illegal acts were false and it was just a prank.


Video of a clown waving a cars was sent to 13Wham TV in Rochester.


Clown sighting turned out to be man showing neighbors his costume.


Clown seen near K-Mart, police investigating

Breonna Nichols


Livingston County Sheriff's arrest a man for a Facebook post that caused harm. Christopher Hooper posted a picture of a clown supposedly in Vitale Park in Lakeville and advised people they might not want to allow their kids "in the park at night or alone."

North Tonawanda

Police receive several calls, 3 pranksters come forward claiming they were shooting a clown video for YouTube.

Saratoga Springs

Shenendehowa Central School receive online bomb threat, buildings and buses swept and increased police presence at the school

St Lawrence County

Kids threatened by clowns on social media, police investigating according to the Watertown Daily Times.


Clowns creeps out 10 year-old walking to school, police still searching according to


Police search around Utica College for reports of 2 clowns, one with a machete and the other carrying a bat. No clowns were found.

The creepy clown craze that has swept the national has not only placed fear in Americans young and old, it's also hurt those 'friendly clowns' that make a living making people laugh.

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