The creepy clown craze that has reached Central New York is hitting area schools. Shenendehowa Central School in Saratoga Springs was victim to an online bomb threat and the county Sheriff's Department is investigating.

A statement was released from the school after hearing about the threat from police.

At midnight, we were informed by the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department that Shenendehowa, along with several other schools and districts, was listed in an online feed by the notorious “clowns” and threatened with a bomb.

The district takes all threats seriously. Due to the non-specific nature of this threat, school will commence as usual. However, staff will exercise due diligence until this investigation is complete. All buildings and buses were “swept” for any foreign objects this morning prior to staff and student arrival as a precaution. There will be increased police presence at all buildings throughout the day, possibly K-9 dogs. Again, this is just as a precaution, consistent with the district’s safety protocols.

There have been several 'creepy clown' sightings in upstate and central New York. 3 pranksters did step forward in Buffalo, claiming responsibility and apologizing for scaring anyone with their prank.

In Utica police were called to the Utica College campus for reports of 2 clowns, one seen with a machete with the other carried a bat. Neither were captured.