The creepy clown sightings have come to upstate and central New York. One was spotted in the Herkimer K-Mart parking lot this week while another was seen in Clifton Park.

Breonna Nichols
Breonna Nichols

Herkimer police are investigating the clown sightings after receiving several complaints and suggest taking a picture from a safe distance to help with the investigation.

The Saratoga County Sheriff's Department says there's nothing to be alarmed about in Clifton Park. "The individual who dressed in the clown outfit contacted the Sheriff's office and has been interviewed," Lieutenant Shelly Zieske says in a press release.

A photo of a suspicious clown in Fox Run apartments in Clifton Park, New York was posted to Facebook, sending residents into a panic. One told News 10 "It was just really creepy. Like he was just standing there in the middle of the street and so I was freaked out because of everything that was happening in the south."

The Sheriff's office says, "the photograph which has been circulating on social media shows children in the picture. The children were interacting with the clown with their parent's knowledge and consent. There was no ill intent and no crimes were committed."

People have been on edge since reports of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods in North and South Carolina surfaced earlier this month.

Anyone who sees something suspicious is encouraged to call their local police. "See something. Say something."

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