I have spent every weekend since I moved out here, exploring different areas in Central New York. This weekend I took a break from exploring (mainly to fight a nasty cold I caught), but also to take a look back at where I've been so far.

Week One: New Hartford

Naomi Lynn/TSM

New Hartford had a lot to offer between the downtown shops in the village area, the mall, and tons of places to go eat. I think Prop's Inn was the best part of my visit there, probably because I didn't know what to expect. A little bar off the downtown area, but a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

Week Two: Clinton

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Clinton was a nice area. I remember walking around the entire downtown area looking for the Ginkgo Tree. I didn't find it while I was there (but I did go back a few weeks later, and I found it). Alteri's in Clinton was good, the homemade lasagna was amazing! Best lasagna I ever had.

Week Three: Washington Mills and Sauquoit

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Look! I can finally spell 'Sauquoit!' The best part about these two towns I think was the Rio Grande Tex-Mex place. Chips and salsa bar, delicious food, and they made a great margarita, too.

Week Four: New York Mills

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I remember stopping into Uncle's Tavern, expecting to get a burger and be on my way. That didn't happen, though. I sat down, had a delicious bacon burger, and a Utica Club while watching the football game. I spent hours just watching the game, and talking with the people there. It was a great way to spend the night.

Week Five and Six: Rome

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I was lucky enough to have tour guides for my adventures in Rome. Rome had so much to check out, I don't know if I could pick a favorite spot. Between the Capitol Theatre, Fort Stanwix, and some great Smothered Chicken at Coalyard Charlie's, - it was a great two weekends in Rome.

Week Seven: Vernon-Verona-Sherrill

Naomi Lynn/TSM

This one is hard to pick a favorite spot. I would love to say Turning Stone because I didn't do too bad, and walked away with more money than I started with. I think my favorite part about this area though, was the 'Red Barn Gift Store.' That place had everything! And they were cute homemade gifts- things I would take to Michigan to show off.

What's Next?

I hated taking this weekend off from exploring, but I did need the rest to help fight off being sick. New to Naomi continues though - this weekend I'll be heading out to explore another area, and see what else Central New York has to offer.