With more than 14,000 square miles of land and water in Herkimer County, you're bound to find some interesting attractions.

Not only is Herkimer County pretty big, but it's probably the most interestingly shaped county in New York State (maybe even in the whole United States). With that being said, you know there has to be multiple things that make this area of Central New York so unique. We're going to look at their most interesting roadside attraction that's perfect for out-of-towners driving through, or for Central New Yorkers who want to see something different.

Head to Frankfort to see this unique attraction. New York Upstate has named the "Balloon Farm" as the most "quirky" roadside attraction in Herkimer County. According to their website,

[It] was the base of operations for Carl E. Myers and his wife, Mary. They were hot air balloon pioneers...

The buildings of the "Balloon Farm" held their many experiments as well as their large balloons when they were not on tour.

Balloon Farm in Frankfort, New York
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

Surrounding the house are historic markers that tell more into the story of Carl E. Myers, Mary, and the Balloon Farm. The next time you're in Herkimer County (or Frankfort), swing by and see the house and buildings for yourself. And read the markers to learn more about this very interesting attraction in Central New York.

New York Upstate also lists the “Quirky Roadside Attractions” in Oneida, Madison and Onondaga Counties. Actually, they list an interesting attraction for all of New York’s 62 counties. You can scroll through their full list here.



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