Millions of Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. Whether you're a big football fan or not, we found a way to make watching the game more fun. Say hello to "Big Game Bingo."

It's exactly what it sounds like, a bingo game that is more than fitting for the football this Sunday. We've designed four different bingo cards that you can print up, or just pull up on your phone to make the game more interesting. Put a chip or make a mark when something happens that is on your card and try to be the first out of your friends or family to complete a row, diagonal, column, or four corners.

Here's the only big catch.... We don't have a prize for you. This is all for your own fun. If you want to turn it into a family game and whoever gets "Bingo" first doesn't have to do chores for a week, hey more power to you. If you're playing with your friends, maybe you can come up with a prize for your winner. Maybe a nice bottle of wine? We don't think anyone will argue with that.

However you decide to play, you'll find the different cards below:



Naomi Lynn/TSM


Naomi Lynn/TSM


Naomi Lynn/TSM


Naomi Lynn/TSM


Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the game.



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