Today we're featuring a domestic short hair cat named Chloe.  Her people are Eric and Andrea:

My cat's name is Chloe.  She's only been with us for 5 months.  She's a rescue feral cat and we think she's about 5.

Chloe lived for many years at Union Station in Utica in a feral cat colony located there.  She is a shy and quiet cat and appeared to be dominated by some of the more aggressive cats there.  It look several attempts to capture her and get her home.

Once we did, she was understandably frighted by her new surroundings.  However, she took to being inside quite quickly.  She used the litter box from day one and seems to like having food to herself and not having to fight other cats.

After a few weeks, she was handle-able and enjoyed being petted and brushed.

After we got her to the vet (clean bill of health) and a flea treatment, Chole was allowed upstairs.

It took her about a month with the basement door open to be comfortable with people upstairs.  She's still quite skittish but loves attention and being petted.  You know when Chloe wants to be petted when she comes next to you and plops down like a log.

After a scarry start to her life, Chole has a bright future ahead of her with a household that loves her.