Today we're featuring a dog named Sophie.  Her story from owner Elaine:


Q:  How did Sophie come into your life?

A:  A rescue from the Rome Humane Society.

Q:  What traits does Sophie possess that makes her your best friend?

A:   Sticks to me and my husband like glue.


Q:  What is your favorite story or memory about Sophie?

A: Sophie, in her younger days, used to be quite the escape artist. One day she somehow found an opening in our fenced-in yard. I was driving in my car looking for her and saw her in front of a neighbor's house down the block. I parked my car and called her and instead of coming into the car, she went under the car. I had to stop traffic in both directions because I was afraid she would run into the road. I was scared and embarrassed!!! Thankfully a nice neighbor helped me coax her out from under the car. Home safe and sound, and yes I was very, very embarrassed as traffic was backed up in both directions.