Today we're featuring a dog named Charlie as well as his kitten friends.  The story from owner Jenn:

Charlie goes by many names.  He also answers to Mr. Snout and Charles Barksley.

Q:  How did Charlie and the cats come into your life?

A:  We adopted him from the Rome humane society- he was brought in as a lost puppy Saturday at 5 and we were the first people in there Sunday morning and immediately fell in love with him! We had to wait 5 days to make sure his owner didn't claim him (we went to visit every day) and by the end of the 5 days there was a waiting list of 10 people who wanted him if we didn't end up taking  him! The kittens we adopted from a farm.

Q:  What traits do your pets possess that make them your best friends?
A:   He is sweet, loving, loyal, always excited to see us and a big part of our family and our hearts! The kittens are sweet, mischievous and entertaining!


Q:  What is your favorite story or memory about Charlie and the cats?
A:   There are so many cute and funny stories, but our favorite thing is when Charlie jumps on the couch positions himself so he is somehow on me and my husband, lays his snout down and does a content little sigh, like there is no other place he would rather be! Then of course the kittens make their way up to cuddle also!