Today we're featuring a cat named Kik'em.  The story from owner April:

Kik'em came into April's life as "a very fluffy stray cat was hanging around my sister's house. We couldn't bear to leave her outside during the winter so we brought her home and later found out she was pregnant. We kept her and her two babies; one being Kik'em.

"Since we spend so much time together, I was able to train her to come to me when I tap my fingers together. No matter where she is in the house and no matter what she's doing, she will always come when she hears me calling her name and tapping my fingers. She also loves napping with me...and I sure love sleeping!
"Kik'em has a lot of personality. Before she can take a drink of water, she has to scratch the floor. If something startles her and she stops drinking, she cannot resume drinking until she scratches the floor again. It's really quite funny to witness."