Today we're featuring a dog named Reyes.  His story from owner Danielle:


Q:  How did Reyes come into your life?

A:  I was looking for a small dog and a friends suggested someone they knew who had a liter of  "pugapoos" (Poodle + Pug).

Q:  What traits does Reyes possess that makes her your best friend?
A:   He is always happy to see me no matter what day or time it is. He never leaves my side when we are home and he make me smile just by the way he looks at me.


Q:  What is your favorite story or memory about Reyes?
A:   A few years ago at my annual St Patrick's Day Party Reyes was loving all the attention he was getting from everyone and we were able to get him to pose with shamrock sunglasses and Irish bandanna needless to say he was the KING of the party. He loved the attention so much that now when ever we try to take a photo he jumps right he cant miss one. LOL!