Today we're featuring a cat named Mosey.  The story from owner Zach:

Mosey was with me for 18 years. He died in 2010.

So, how did I get him? Well, the story starts back in Knoxboro when I was in second grade and my sister was in kindergarden. At the time my sister was learning to ride a bike. One day, my sister and I were riding our bikes on a side road next to my house that got absolutely no traffic. I think there were two houses on the road. Well, my sister had training wheels on her bike and they squeaked a lot. As we were riding back home from our bike adventure, we noticed a kitten was following her bike. We believe the kitten was following the sound of the squeaky wheels. So, the kitten followed us home. But, we didn't immediately keep the stray kitten. It took a few days of him returning to our house before we officially adopted him and named him Mosey.

What made him my best friend? Everything made him my best friend. Mosey had such a great personality. He would "talk" if you asked him a question. He would cuddle if you were sad. He was the most friendly cat in the world. And, we grew up together. That's the main reason we were such best friends. I was young when we got him and he was a stray kitten--and, we grew up together.

There are so many stories about my best friend Mosey. But, one of my favorites is when he jumped into the Christmas tree. It was a year or two after we got him and it was the holiday season. My family had an artificial Christmas tree set up in the house. Well, I was sleeping on the floor for some reason, and awoke to our Christmas tree nearly falling directly on me. When I looked to see what had happened, Mosey just walked out from under the tree like nothing had happened. We had no idea why he jumped into the tree.

Sorry for babbling on. I miss him every day and he was truly a great friend. He was the best cat in the world!