Today we're featuring a dog named Kallie Mae.  Her story from owner Danielle:


Q:  How did Kali come into your life?

A:  From a breeder in Phoenix, NY.

Q:  What traits does Kali possess that makes her your best friend?

A:   It's almost like she knows when your in a bad mood, sad or when your sick because she turns into the cuddliest dog ever! Kali is very smart and is protective of her family.


Q:  What is your favorite story or memory about Kali?

A: My favorite story about Kali is the joy she has brought to my family. Our previous dog, Max, had to be put to sleep and as much as my mom complained about the dog, it was her baby. This absolutely crushed her and the entire family. When my brother came home with Kali my parents weren't all that excited but after awhile she brought so much joy to our family! Kali is never home alone! She goes to work with my mom and stays home with me on her days off. She even has her sisters right in town that she gets to play with a few times a week!