You've seen them before, we all have. Those little packets of silica gel that say 'do not eat' and 'throw away' on them. Instead of just trashing them, save them. Here's 5 things you can use them for.

 1. Gym/Sports bag

Put a few packets inside your athletic bag to keep your gear from getting moldy and growing bacteria. They will even help keep odors from overwhelming your bag.

2. Dry Out a Wet Cell Phone

Instead of using rice - place your phone in a jar of silica gel packets. The gel will dry your phone inside and out much faster and more thoroughly than rice will.

3. Old Photos/Documents

A small handful of gel packets in boxes with old pictures and papers will keep moisture out, keeping your photos from sticking together and slowing yellowing.

4. De-Fog Your Vehicle Windshield

Place a row of the packets along the inside of your windshield. This will stop moisture inside the car from collecting on the glass and save you time in the morning!

5. Save Your Razor Blades

Put your razors in a jar with a couple silica packets to instantly dry the blades and stop them from rusting and getting dull so fast. This should extend the life of the blades giving you a couple more shaves per blade!

So there you have it - save those silica gel packs the next time you buy a new pair of shoes or electronics.

If you don't want to wait until you save up enough packets, you can buy a jar of silica gel beads at most stores like Walmart and Target and make your own!

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