Today we're featuring a dog named Gia.  Her story from her owner Shannon:

Q:  How did Gia come into your life?

A:  We adopted her from a breeder in Vermont.  She was a surprise Christmas present for my boyfriend.  He has wanted an all black German Shepherd ever since his first deployment in Iraq.  One of the other Marines had an all black German Shepherd there and Dave saw what an amazing dog it was and what a great bond they had so I just HAD to surprise him with Gia for Christmas.

Q:  What traits does Gia possess that makes her your best friend?
A:   She is HYSTERICAL.  She has the biggest personality and makes us laugh beyond belief.  She gets SO excited to see us when she gets home and we couldn’t ask for a better companion.

Q:  What is your favorite story or memory about Gia?
A:   There are too many stories to choose from but one of her daily routines that just cracks me up every day is when the alarm goes off she kind of slow crawls towards the top of the bed, plops her head on the pillows (she’s not spoiled at all) and then just waits for us to say good morning. As soon as we do she jumps up, her ears go back and she gets so excited-its like she forgot we were in the bed all night!