Today we're featuring a dog named Rowdy Jake.  His story from his person, Kelly:

First things first, his first name is Rowdy.  Jake is his middle name.  Rowdy came from a breeder.  His owners picked him out of the litter at 2 weeks old.  It was another 3 weeks until they could bring him home.

Rowdy's best traits?  He's loyal and the best cuddler.  He is very patient with children, always at Kelly's side and gives her  kisses on a daily basis.  He's very well behaved and enjoys traveling.  He gets so excited every time he hears car keys jingle.

Kelly's favorite story about her dog:

I'll never forget the first time we brought him on the boat and let him swim in the lake, he was about 3 months old! I was on the boat with him and our friend put him in the water and stayed right next to him. He swam his little heart out right back toward the boat & I wrapped him in a towel and cuddled with him until he fell asleep!! It's tough being a spoiled dog!